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Personal Note

Many thanks for all the kind notes and thoughts of condolence on the death of my father, Clifford E. Skogen. He died in his sleep early in the morning of October 15 at age 89.

He was certainly a force bigger than life in my world. I learned more from him about how to treat people than anything I’ve learned in hundreds of hours of leadership training. He always treated everyone he met with respect and dignity. He made a point to know everyone as an individual. And I never, ever heard him discourage anyone from doing anything. He taught me, he encouraged me, and he supported me–whether I deserved it or not. I’ve been blessed to have him in my life for so long. I know not everyone is so fortunate.

My world is different today, but as he taught me time and time again, tomorrow will always be brighter. He’d be disappointed if I thought otherwise.



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Change is in the Air!!

Fall is in the air!!  Change is a-comin’, no doubt about it.  I know I wasn’t the only North Dakotan to take advantage of the great weather on Sunday.  It won’t be long now when winter, wind, and cold will govern our weekends.  But for now it’s the colors of our landscape that make our state so beautiful and invite us to the outdoors.  So on my bike ride to Ft. A. Lincoln I took a few pictures to share with you.




A Fargo Forum editorial over the weekend contained this statement:  "Skogen’s record at BSC is excellent. Under his direction, the two-year school emerged as one of the system’s gems.  He enhanced its focus as an institution committed to educating students to either move into the world of work or transfer to a four-year campus." 

Well, not to disagree with the editorial board–to whom I’m indebted for the support–, but if I were to write that statement it would say:  "Under the excellent work of all of the BSC team, the two-year school emerged as one of the system’s gems.  They’ve enhanced its focus as an institution committed to educating students to either move into the world of work or transfer to a four-year campus."  Because, after all, that is the truth.  The "BSC team" that has done all of that includes all the BSC employees, our excellent industry and business partners, the Bismarck-Mandan community, and the BSC Foundation.  Getting to where BSC is now–and is so recognized–isn’t to the credit of one; it’s to the credit of us all in the community.  Thanks to you all for making BSC "one of the system’s gems"!!



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First Day!!!

What a fantastic day this has been!! If you aren’t moved by the excitement of the first day of classes on our great campus, you’re unmovable. I so enjoyed spending this morning interacting with students, faculty, and staff. The parking lots were full; the four-way stop had traffic backed up in four directions; the Student Union was hopping (imagine what it’ll be like once the expansion is completed!); the academic buildings were ALIVE; it was all great.


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A little history

This will be an unusual blog in that it’s not about BSC. Rather, I’ve seen a couple of movies lately (I’m not an “avid” movie goer, but the two I’ve seen could turn me into one) that I feel compelled to share my thoughts about from an historian’s perspective.


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First Days

It’s the first day of school for the Bismarck Public Schools today – and that means the Legacy High School freshmen are getting settled in their new digs in the Career Academy.  The public schools and some of our key campus players have coordinated what can only be described as a heroic logistical plan to accommodate the high school and college students this year.  I understand that Dale Hoerauf is scheduled to update both Staff Senate and Operations Council next month.  Watch for more updates there.  Here’s a photo of the portables which will be used for the next two years.


This amped up partnership with the Bismarck Public Schools is almost poetic, considering that this year we are celebrating 75 years of existence and the first Bismarck Junior College students attended class on the third floor of Bismarck High School.  You may have seen the celebratory banners being mounted across campus.  Thanks to Keith Landeis and the lineworker crew for their hard work on these hot days!  Read all about the activities and events coming up at  And watch for the commemorative edition of Connections coming soon.


Our front line folks are working hard and it is showing — preliminary fall enrollment figures show a six percent increase in students.  Here’s the link to an enrollment story on Prairie Public:

Faculty members are returning to campus and getting ready for next week, and these are busy days for everyone.  Thank you for your hard work, your dedication, and all you do every day to keep us moving beyond!

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Progress Continues

Even during the quieter summer months,  a lot goes on across the Bismarck State campus. Things are really shaping up in the MDU Resources Community Bowl:

on Track - July 2013Across the Bowl - July 2013

And the BSC Aquatics & Wellness Center is a hotspot.  Last weekend the state swim meet was held there, and this coming weekend a 14-state regional swim meet will take place there.

Swimmers - July 2013Spectators - July 2013

The cooler weather might be a damper to summer fun, but it has me thinking about our students returning.  Thanks to the great registration sessions held regularly on campus this summer, we’ve had a glimpse of those incoming students.  Congratulations to all of the staff and faculty who have worked so hard to pull those sessions off so well.

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Good causes and ongoing construction

Despite the rain and road construction, the 6th Annual President’s Run on Friday, July 12 was a huge success.  We raised more than $9,500 for the Dean D. Gunsch Toolbox Program – a worthy cause in honor of a much-missed member of our faculty.  We had 55 participants on motorcycles or in cars including Dean’s wife Diane, his sister, brother-in-law, mother and other family and friends.  When we arrived at the Dam, we were greeted by six sailboats on the water filled with Dean’s friends as well as Dean and Diane’s son, Jesse.  We had a delicious (albeit rainy) lunch provided by BlackRidge BANK and Cloverdale Foods, followed by a tour of Garrison Dam, and then refreshments at Security First Bank in Center.

Here are two photos – one of the many motorcycles and cars (you can see some of the sailboats on the lake) and the other of our picnic lunch.

Photo - President's Run - July 12, 2013

Photo - President's Run Picnic - July 2013

Gordy Binek reported that the cement pour for the Mechanical Maintenance Building in Mandan went well on Friday.  They poured the floor in the shop addition and the shop storage area.  Yesterday they were forming the sidewalk areas around the addition and taking out the asphalt on the south side.  By the end of next week everything should be complete except the exterior finishing on the north front.

Here are a couple of photos from that project.

Photo - Mandan Campus July 15, 2013

Photo - Mandan Campus Inside - July 15, 2013

Here is a photo of the ongoing Student Union expansion.

Photo - Student Union - July 2013

You’ll also notice a lot of action on the backside of the Meadowlark Building where crews are renovating in preparation for our Finance team’s move.

I hope that you are enjoying these beautiful summer days!

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Holiday & Construction

July!  It’s the height of both summer and the construction season.  On the Bismarck State campus, not only are our grounds lush, great progress is being made on both the MDU Resources Community Bowl:

2nd floor suite 070113


Spectator facility070113


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Wearing Two Hats

I will readily agree that it has been a long time since my last posting.  For those of you who get information about campus in this forum, I’m sorry that it has been so long between posts.  In my defense, I did go on a two-week trip to visit sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren.  One of the latter, my 8-year-old granddaughter Ayrica, traveled with me to Mesa Verde, the south and west rims of the Grand Canyon, and Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico.  While on the west rim we went on the skywalk, a glass walkway 4,000 above the canyon floor.  It was an amazing experience. But on to more official news… Continued…

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Registration Day

What a fantastic plan!! We held a Registration Day in the Bavendick Stateroom and all sorts of offices showed up to participate: advisors, records, financial aid, bookstore, Sykes Student Success Center, National Guard, and many more. New students were scheduled to come in to the “One Stop Shop” registration. The students and parents I talked to really enjoyed the experience. Here’s some photos:

The registration table to get started:

The “nerve center”:

The advisors:

The “Resources Fair”:

There are sixteen such days scheduled, and Sandy Fried tells me that we may need to add additional days. Karen Erickson shared with me that we have more admissions applications filled out and on file than ever in the history of BSC. That doesn’t mean they will all translate into enrollments, but it certainly means that our recruiting efforts are paying off.

This is all good news: great ideas plus great hard work have resulted in a wonderfully, productive registration day. Great recruiting ideas and great hard work by Admissions have resulted in wonderful application numbers. Great work by records, financial aid, advisors, and many more are driving us toward a wonderful year ahead.

I appreciate all that everyone is doing to continue to drive us towards excellence. Great ideas plus hard work equals BSC excellence!!

Many thanks!!


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